‣Underworld Engine

Underworld Engine Cover ft Zima and Faon

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Underworld Engine: an LGBT+ fantasy adventure webcomic with elements of horror

Three young thieves are forced to flee the isolated city they call home. After escaping on the famed steam train, the Underworld Engine, they find themselves tumbling into a very bloody predicament.

A gruesome tale unfolds in this strange dreamlike fantasy world. Featuring false perceptions, monsters, a marvelous train, so much blood, and fools in love.

Genres: Fantasy, Adventure, Horror, LGBT+
Content Warnings: Blood and gore, self-harm, nudity


Extramundane Cover feat. shoes

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Extramundane: an Underworld Engine Alternate-Universe featuring Magical Boy Faon!

Faon’s job hunt lands him in a position of unexpected power! But are the lacy boots and smart-mouthed “sidekick” really necessary?

Technically an Alternate-Universe of Underworld Engine, but it can be read as a standalone story.

Genres: Fantasy, Horror, Comedy, LGBT+
Content Warnings: Body horror, blood & gore


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Various short comics featured in anthologies.

Currently working on pieces for:
‣🔞Ambrosia by Discord Comics
‣Tales of the Unknown by Wildstar Press
‣Interpret This Dream by Bad Birdie Comics

‣Odd One

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Odd One is a short game created for the Midnight Bitsy Jam on

Every night, you wake up from your dreams precisely at midnight. Can you break this cycle?

The game features charmingly strange characters, realistic dog sounds (in text form), and four endings!

‣Fear Exemplar: You
Coming soon!